What kind of basketball website is this? 

Shades of Orange is a content curated basketball website.  Most everyone knows what an art curator does for an art museum. Curators are responsible for assembling, cataloguing, managing and presenting artistic and cultural collections. 
Think of Shades of Orange just like that. It is a place where we gather the best of the best basketball articles, audio/video clips related to all kinds of basketball topics. Subjects like elite high school ball; to advanced analytics; to EuroLeague ball; to anything and everything related to March Madness; to scouting of the NBA draft. and on and on the list goes. As infinite in complexity and diversity the game of basketball is played and cherished around the globe, that same amount of diversity of perspective and nuanced analysis will be found in all of our curated pieces. 

What is a curated piece? 

A curated piece is taking a particular subject related to basketball at any level and doing a deep dive into that subject. Part of the curation process is weeding through all the superfluous information that bogs down the average basketball fan when wanting to know more about some basketball related topic. We carefully cull and selectively catalogue all the links that are available through the bottomless pit of the world wide web and then present those links in one refined curated piece. 
Typically a curated piece has ten to fifteen links that we provide a brief description of and catalogue accordingly. 

How are your curated pieces categorized and catalogued? 

Most of our curated pieces will be divided into three categories, what we like to call the layup, the midrange and deep from downtown. All links next to the layup icon take 5 minutes or less to read/watch or listen to individually. These links are meant for someone who doesn’t have a ton of time and just wants to peruse and get to know a little more about that particular basketball subject.
All of the links next to the midrange icon are each 6 to 15 minutes in length.For instance we may have a link in this section to an in-depth article that thoroughly explains the subject that is being curated. Or there may be a link to part of a pod that discusses this particular topic. In the midrange section you will find substantive links that always take you a little deeper into whatever the curated piece is about.
The final category we have is the Deep From Downtown section. The links located next to this icon always are for the hard core learner. Those that know they are basketball nerds and are proud of it. These individual links will always take 16 minutes or many times much longer to listen to or watch typically. For someone wanting to add another genuine layer of understanding to their basketball IQ then you will love the links in this section. 

Why do some pages not have the Layup/Midrange and Deep From Downtown icons on their page?

Over time the vast majority of our curated pieces will be categorized according to those three time distinctions. Regardless,  we do always label the amount of time the average reader/listener/viewer should expect to spend on each particular link.  Some curated pieces are better assembled and understood through a chronological or team oriented categorization lens. 

Can I access these curated pieces later on or do they disappear after a certain amount of time? 

Over the next few months and years, Shades of Orange will become a repository of countless curated pieces related to the game we all love. Shades of Orange won’t be about collecting random basketball links or becoming a digital basketball pack rat.
Instead Shades of Orange aspires to inform, enlighten and ultimately inspire basketball fans everywhere with many timeless curated pieces that provide proper context that are organized/presented in a way that is easy to utilize.  Our goal for this site is to provide all of our visitors a  customized, vetted selection of the best and most relevant basketball resources available. 
So yes, these curated pieces will all be here for the long haul. Many topics on this site aren’t time contingent, though some will be like the truncated trade deadline pieces we recently did for each NBA team. Even those though will be catalogued accordingly for future research purposes. Think of it kind of like a digital basketball library where at any time you can check out one or more curated pieces on any basketball subject you are interested in.