Best Draft Class Ever?

Best Draft Class Ever?

MJ, The Dream, Barkley & Stockton — Kobe, AI, Nash & Allen — Lebron, D-Wade, Carmelo & Bosh. Which of these classes should be considered the preeminent class of all time?  If you only have a couple of minutes to look or listen to something that delves into which is the best draft class ever then these hand-picked layup articles are for you. Want to analyze which is the best class ever from various vantage points then the midrange articles for the 96 & 03 class both make a compelling case. For the die-hard NBA draft aficionados, there is something for you as well – links to the best drafts past and the best documentary ever produced about a draft class are must watch TV.



This article ranks the top 5 draft classes of all-time. It is perfect quick read to find your bearings in this best draft class debate. Almost universally the three classes that are considered a notch above the rest are the 1984, 1996 & 2003 classes. (2 min read)

This Hoops Hype article measures all the drafts from 1947 to 2013 in relation to how many combined all-star appearances, all-NBA team selections and MVP’s were won by each class. It utilizes these awards to measure which class they consider to be the best ever. (2 min read)

An 84 vs 96 draft comparison article to determine which class is top dog. It makes a case for both classes and then quickly settles on which one it ultimately considers the best. (2 min read)

The unequivocal case for the 1984 draft being considered the greatest draft ever. (3 min read)

Star Power vs Depth. 1984 vs 1996. Star power prevails in this articles final analysis. (3 min read)

From the class that generally is considered the deepest of all-time, this articles makes the case that 1996 crew should top any list. (2 min read)

The 2003 class forever changed the NBA team by popularizing the player generated super-team. Should what happens not just on the court but off the court as well be weighed in the discussion of who the best class ever is? (3 min read)

A good SI video synopsis providing context of how the 1996 has shaped the NBA in the past two plus decades. (2 min video)

23 interesting facts about the draft. Most of the facts pertain to the 84 draft and how this draft altered the NBA. (3 min read)


The comprehensive case for the 1996 draft class being considered the best ever. (6 min read)

The comprehensive case for the 2003 draft class being considered the best ever. (6 min read)



The 84 Draft is an NBA TV documentary narrated by Steve Nash. This doc does a fantastic job a telling the tale of the drama behind all the draft happenings that year and how this draft shaped the NBA for decades to come. (68 min video)

Ernie Johnson, Craig Sager, Hubie Brown, Rick Pitino, Peter Vescey & Cheryl Miller providing analysis and insight for the 96 draft. Re-watching the 96 draft gives you insight into what the prevailing wisdom of the NBA was two plus decades ago and makes for must watch TV. (142 min video) 

Mike Tirico, Jay Bilas, Greg Anthony, Tom Tolbert, Dick Vitale & David Aldridge. Watching the 2003 draft with predominantly poor analysis that we have all come to expect from the ESPN NBA draft commentators makes for fascinating television. (70 min video)

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