Bucks Potential Trade Deadline Swaps

Bucks Potential Trade Deadline Swaps

The Bucks have some big decisions still to make, particularly as it relates to Jabari Parker. Will he remain a Buck? They did dip into the trade market last night and acquired Tyler Zeller from the Nets in a minor deal. What will be bring to the Bucks? Are there any more and even bigger trades on the horizon? Do the Bucks have what it takes already on their roster to take that  next big step or do they need some outside help? 

Note: for all 30 NBA teams potential trade deadline swaps, we are cataloguing the articles differently from our usual layup/mid range/deep from downtown structure. The reason being is the most informative five links to these trade rumors provide sufficient fodder for conversation. Beyond the five best links these conjectures can become a little superfluous. As always though you will know how much time to expect read, watching or listening to each one of these links as that information is always provided. 



#1 Bucks acquire Center Tyler Zeller from the Nets  (4 min read)

#2 The Bucks have supposedly been interested during this trade deadline period in Hassan Whiteside and Deandre Jordan.   (2 min read)

#3 Fascinating in-depth piece by Zach Lowe breaking down the Bucks current roster and analyzing potential trades. Zach asks the question Can these Bucks be great? He says they are running out of time. (13 min read) 

#4 Dunc’d on Pod discussing the recent Tyler Zeller trade at the beginning of the pod  – first 8 minutes of the pod.  (8 min listen)

#5 Bucks trade deadline history via Real GM (3 min read)

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