GM All-Star Look & Listen

GM All-Star Look & Listen

Everyone loves to play NBA General Manager. It is one of the most exciting things about the NBA. Yet more often than not, most of the NBA trade rumors make no sense when it comes to team capology or even team fit. Many of these so called trade rumors are click bait and are on the fanciful side of ever becoming a reality. This curated piece is meant to guide those that desire an informed perspective on NBA Roster Construction of trusted and knowledgeable voices/perspectives that know NBA capology and the NBA trade market/free agency better than the rest.

Why waste your time on unrealistic NBA trade deadline rumors that will never come to fruition. Instead check out our all-star selections for who are the go to voices in understanding all of the dynamics that all NBA GM’s must consider.

Note: Since the purpose of this curated piece is to introduce you to the best of the best when it comes to who to read and listen to related to NBA roster construction there are no particular articles we are recommending. As a result we have not categorized this section according to the usual layup/midrange/deep from downtown categories. Instead we have provided links to all of our “all-stars” twitter handles, article and pod archives.


Starting All-Star Team that covers the NBA Roster Construction Beat

Post Player – Zach Lowe of ESPN and the pod The Lowe Post.

Zach Lowe may have the best pod combo of NBA entertainer and educator. His all-around NBA game is obvious and interviewing skills are refined and pointed.

You can find all of Zach’s written material on ESPN here:


You can listen to one of the best all-around NBA pods which Zach hosts here:


Zach Lowe’s Twitter Handle:


Power Forward – Nate Duncan of Dunc’d on Podcast

No one has more of a power knowledge base as it relates to NBA capology than Nate Duncan. His podcast which he hosts is the best in-depth resource tool to understand the cap and realistic fits for all 30 NBA teams.

You can listen to the best NBA capology pod here:


Nate Duncan’s Twitter Handle: 


Small Forward – Danny Leroux of Sports Illustrated’s The CrossOver & Real GM

Danny Leroux hosts the Real GM pod but is also a co-host of the Dunc’d on pod with Nate Duncan. He writes for The Sporting News and The Athletic about NBA teams from a roster construction standpoint. His versatility when it comes to NBA free agency, the trade market and capalogy is unparalleled.

You can find Danny’s Sporting News NBA roster construction related articles here:


You can listen to an insightful podcast related to the legit GM puzzles of the NBA here:


Danny Leroux’s Twitter Handle:


Shooting Guard – Adrian Wojnarowski formerly of The Vertical, now with ESPN

Anyone who follows NBA player movement closely knows what a “Woj bomb” is when it comes to breaking NBA news.  Woj is ESPN’s go to guy for the  NBA.

You can listen to episodes the top notch Woj pod here:


Woj’s Twitter Handle: 


Point Guard – Sam Vecenie of  The Athletic & The Game Theory Pod

Sam Vecenie puts out a prodigious amount of material especially with his pod The Game Theory. He is a must listen. He does in-depth dives into the draft and NBA roster construction .

You can listen to the Game Theory pod that Sam hosts here:


Sam Vecenie’s Twitter Handle:


Key Rotation Players:

Bobby Marks with ESPN

Bobby Marks  joined ESPN with Woj this past summer but his expertise  when it comes to potential NBA team moves is always solid.

You can read Bobby’s ESPN NBA roster analysis here :


Bobby Marks Twitter Handle:


Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports and the Vertical

Shams is second only to Woj in breaking NBA team news and even then he isn’t far behind Woj nowadays.

You can find Shams breaking news pieces here:


Shams Charania Twitter Handle:


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