Greatest NBA Team of All-Time?

Greatest NBA Team of All-Time?

The last three NBA finals have become instant classics due to the epic battle between these two all-time great teams the Cavs & Warriors. Last season though the Warriors made a compelling case for being considered the GOAT team. Micheal, Magic, Tim & Larry may have their own compelling cases for why their teams should receive the ultimate GOAT honor. Whether you want a quick comparison or an analytical deep dive to contrast and analyze the great NBA teams across the decades this is your lauching pad to do just that.



The ultimate analytics site giving the ultimate analytics take on who the G.O.A.T team really is. (4 min read)

This Sports Illustrated written piece and three minute video has a head to head comparison between the two teams many now consider the two greatest teams ever – the 95/96 Bulls vs the 16/17 Warriors. (5 min read)

A short but fun read about 2K17’s 50 game simulation battle of the great 95/96 Bulls team vs 16/17 Warriors team. (3 min read)


This Fox Sports article stirs the pot by imagining the reigning NBA champs  competing against all the other greatest NBA champs of all-time under two different scenarios – the NBA rules of today vs the rules of that particular era. (6 min read)

For all you analytic geeks this Bleacher Report article uses NBA Math analytics to breakdown the top 10 NBA teams of all-time. (11 min read)

As usual an insightful article from The Ringer providing nuance and context to this timeless debate. (8 min read)


From the incomparable Dunc’d on NBA podcast ESPN’s in house NBA historian Kevin Pelton joins the Kawhi Leonard of podcasters Nate Duncan to discuss the 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors place in the GOAT team debate during the first part of this podcast. As always poignant points made throughout this listen. This conversation between Pelton & Duncan goes from the beginning of the pod to the 24 minute mark. (24 min listen)

To provide context for how other epic NBA teams compare to the current NBA champs we go to the vault of the Dunc’d on NBA podcast to listen to Nate Duncan, Kevin Pelton & Royce Webb in 2016 discuss the greatest teams of all time. Great listen for those that love learning about NBA past and how it has shaped NBA present. (83 min listen)

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