Hornets Potential Trade Deadline Swaps

Hornets Potential Trade Deadline Swaps

The Hornets have several long-term issues that won’t be solved by one trade before the trade deadline. There is talk swirling around Kemba being traded despite Jordan’s over the top claims that he would only trade Kemba for another franchise type of player. The issue is that the Hornets have cap issues and this colors everything that they will potentially do before the trade deadline closes. If you want to understand what the Hornets might do at the trade deadline, first begin by attempting to understand their dire cap situation. 

Note: for all 30 NBA teams potential trade deadline swaps, we are cataloguing the articles differently from our usual layup/mid range/deep from downtown structure. The reason being is the most informative five links to these trade rumors provide sufficient fodder for conversation. Beyond the five best links these conjectures can become a little superfluous. As always though you will know how much time to expect read, watching or listening to each one of these links as that information is always provided. 



#1 Hornets & Cavs have talked about a potential trade  (2 min read)

#2 The Bucks are interested in Malik Monk (2 min read) 

#3 Think the Hornets have cap trouble now. Just wait until 2018/2019. This is a major part of the reason the Hornets need to get a deal done by trade deadline if possible. (4 min read) 

#4 An insightful Hashtag basketball article on why Richard Cho isn’t the man to lead the Hornets. This really illustrates why the Hornets problems go much deeper than even one potential trade.   (4 min read)

#5 Hornets trade deadline history via Real GM (3 min read)

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