Nuggets Potential Trade Deadline Swaps

Nuggets Potential Trade Deadline Swaps

Though the Nuggets have recently been solidifying around the big young three (Jokic/Murray/Harris) there is still talk of a potential trade deadline move. Names like Tyreke Evans, Darren Collison, Lou Williams and Rodney Hood have all been mentioned as potential Nugget targets. To garner a better understanding of what the Nuggets have to do to pull off a significant trade the articles and pod below illuminate the realistic possibilities from a Nuggets perspective. 

Note: for all 30 NBA teams potential trade deadline swaps, we are cataloguing the articles differently from our usual layup/mid range/deep from downtown structure. The reason being is the most informative five links to these trade rumors provide sufficient fodder for conversation. Beyond the five best links these conjectures can become a little superfluous. As always though you will know how much time to expect read, watching or listening to each one of these links as that information is always provided. 



#1 A good starting point for assessing the assets that the Nuggets have to potentially trade is found in this Denver Stiff’s piece.  (7 min read)

#2 A solid piece on understanding the Nuggets cap situation and how that affects their trade potential (5 min read)

#3  Are the Nuggets looking to deal Malik Beasley in some sort of combo deal to get Rodney Hood from the Jazz? (2 min read)

#4 Denver Nuggets Daily pod breaks down in details all of the potential trade possibilities from a Nuggets perspective. (43 min listen)

#5 Nuggets trade deadline history via Real GM (3 min read)

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