Pistons Potential Trade Deadline Swaps

Pistons Potential Trade Deadline Swaps

The Pistons pulled off the trade of the season so far. Getting Blake Griffin was a major coup for this team that seemed destined for the doldrums of 10th or 11th place in the Eastern Conference. Now they are making a push for that eighth playoff spot. Do they have enough even with Griffin to get there? Is there another possible trade the Pistons could pull off to put them over the top?

Note: for all 30 NBA teams potential trade deadline swaps, we are cataloguing the articles differently from our usual layup/mid range/deep from downtown structure. The reason being is the most informative five links to these trade rumors provide sufficient fodder for conversation. Beyond the five best links these conjectures can become a little superfluous. As always though you will know how much time to expect read, watching or listening to each one of these links as that information is always provided. 



#1 Why the blockbuster trade for Blake Griffin could change this franchise  (3 min read)

#2 The Detroit Bad Boys Pod held a 30 minute emergency pod to discuss the Blake Griffin trade. They break down all of what it could mean for the Pistons going forward.  (30 min listen)

#3 Two Pistons trade rumors are that Stanley Johnson is available on the trade market and that the Pistons are interested in Rodney Hood.  (2 min read) 

#4 Should the Pistons make another trade? This article breaks down every Piston player and if they are a viable trade option.  (7 min read)

#5 Pistons trade deadline history via Real GM (3 min read)

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