The 2017 NBA Draft Grades

The 2017 NBA Draft Grades

If you want a quick contrast & comparison of the grades that top NBA draft experts gave out to each team right after the draft then this is the place to do just that. Now that we are 2/3rds of the way through the 2017/2018 season it is interesting to see what the mainstream basketball narratives were right after the draft about each of these rookies. We plan to keep these draft grades on file at Shades of Orange so at the end of each season we can revisit how players exceeded or failed to achieve these assorted NBA grade expectations.


The Bleacher Report’s Paul Kasabian gives a basic grade for each NBA team with a one line description of each first rounder. (2 min read)

Real GM’s Danny Leroux hands out his team grades with a short paragraph or less explanation of what to expect from these draft picks. (5 min read) 

Reid Forgrave & Jack Maloney of give their grades for all 60 picks with a one line description of each pick. (5 min read)


Sports Illustrated’s Jeremy Woo from the Crossover gives a detailed paragraph length description of each grade he gave out for all 30 first round picks. (12 min read)

One of my personal favorites, draft expert Sam Vecenie of The Sporting News passes out grades for all sixty picks with a short paragraph of detailed expectations to boot. (14 min read)

USA Today’s Adi Joseph gives his grades for all 60 picks as well (15 min read)

Another one of the most esteemed draft experts out there, Jonathan Tjarks of The Ringer gives an in-depth perspective on fit and talent of each of the top 30 picks in this draft. (15 min read)


Hoops Habit Gerald Bourguet comes in deep from downtown as he dedicates an entire page of analysis to each NBA team’s draft grade. (30 min read)

Insightful analysis from draft experts Danny Leroux & Sam Vecenie breaking down this 2017 draft on this Real GM pod. (99 min listen)

For draft junkies, the vertical’s draft night coverage will provide as much insight into what draft experts were thinking at the time as anything you can find anywhere on the web. (271 min listen)

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