Warriors Potential Trade Deadline Swaps

Warriors Potential Trade Deadline Swaps

The Warriors are open for a potential trade before the deadline but if they do anything, it looks to be more of minor trade in all likelihood. JaVale McGee is the name that has been discussed as possible trade bait and supposedly they are looking to strengthen their bench a little. Its not like the Warriors are in desperate need of anything but with a forward thinking GM like Bob Myers they are always looking for ways to tweak or improve their team even at the edges. 

Note: for all 30 NBA teams potential trade deadline swaps, we are cataloguing the articles differently from our usual layup/mid range/deep from downtown structure. The reason being is the most informative five links to these trade rumors provide sufficient fodder for conversation. Beyond the five best links these conjectures can become a little superfluous. As always though you will know how much time to expect read, watching or listening to each one of these links as that information is always provided. 



#1 Warriors may be in the market for more 3 point shooting off the bench  (3 min read)

#2 Is JaVale McGee on the trade block? (2 min read)

#3 Salary and concern over the Center position could trigger a move by the Warriors before the trade deadline. (2 min read + 2 min watch)

#4 The Warriors Huddle pod talks about how the trade deadline will affect the Warriors chance to repeat and a possible McGee trade. They begin this conversation at the 19 minute mark   (33 min listen)

#5 Warriors trade deadline history via Real GM (3 min read)


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